Mark Sr. had two sets of godparents as a child: his Christian godparents, Jack & Rose Schuh, and his Chinese godparents (or gan-ba & gan-ma), James & Cathy Ho. Having the benefit of being loved from both sides and receiving cultural and moral influences from both sets of godparents proved to be invaluable for Mark Sr., so he decided to continue that tradition with Mark Jr.


Mark Sr. could think of no better gan-ba & gan-ma (Chinese godparents) for his first son than Sifu James Lin and his wife, Kelly. Three generations of the Lin family have treated Mark Sr. with generosity, hospitality, and love, so Mark Sr. knew that if anything were to happen to him, that he'd want his son in the care of the Lins. Mark Jr. enjoys the honor of being the godson of the Lins.

At the end of a long day, the Lins still made time to drive up to West LA to see their godson and leave a jogger for his parents.

Cub ended his weekend with a snore and a smile.


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